Digimon Freebies from a Leporidae

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Digimon Freebies from a Leporidae

Post by Rabbit on Sat Nov 27, 2010 5:56 pm

Hello, everyone :)
(it's Rabbit with another art freebie topic)

I'm giving away freebies to EVERYONE(not just people I choose from, but everyone) that sends me a form will get a Digimon art freebie. I only have two examples so far--because those took around forty minutes each and I was tired after drawing a few other pictures after that--but I think that's enough to see what my style for these pictures is.



No one claim this art as your own, not just because I drew it, but because this was for my friend. She'll be angry if someone takes her art trade dwawing.

Anyways, that's the only thing that I have for display, a Digimon portrait kind of picture. If you post on this topic and send in this form, I WILL EAT PEACHES and will take your order as well. By the way, can you try and make the Digimon kind of...simple? I can't do the ones with all the metal and armor on them like MetalGarurumon or MetalSeadramon. I can just do simple rookies and some champions, maybe ultimates or megas if they're simple xD My signature and the date(in an unreadable form) will be on there in a color that fits the picture, it's normally a shade of green or blue, but if you want a different one, please specify. I don't do two Digimon together unless I feel like it, and you can't stop me from doing that if I feel the need to make it more colorful and creative by doing so.


[b]Size of picture?:(500x500 is regular)[/b]
[b]Background:(white or colored, no transparency)[/b]
[b]Outline color:(black is regular)[/b]
[b]Outline width:(if no answer, will choose at random, be specific if there is answer)[/b]
[b]Other traits?[/b]
[b]Signature color:(if no answer, will choose at random)[/b]
[b]Is there a specific picture you want me to copy off of? If so, give me the URL here:[/b]

A tip is highly recommended and so is a short review of the picture so I know how good I am and how I shouldn't change my form, or how I should change it for viewer liking. Anything else you think I forgot in the form can be added along with it in your own bolded question and your own answer. I will only have four requests pending at a time, so don't all rush in. You may post your form before a spot is cleared but it will be ignored until your spot is available.


--you may view peoples' pictures here :) --
Wolfbane----Armadillomon and Gatomon/BlackGatomon

I would like to do an DIGIMON or Digimon-like creature(NO POKEMON ALLOWED OR. ELSE.) art trade with someone who enjoys my art. If you're interested, please PM me.
Thank you for getting Digimon Freebies from a Leporidae.



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